Buying a Used Faceting Machine

Why you shouldn't buy a used faceting machine!

When I am asked, "Should I buy a used faceting machine?", I always give the same answer, probably not.

The reason I always give this answer is, for the same reason that you probably won't want to buy a used computer.  Just like computers faceting machines have evolved over the years, from the crudest of machine designs, up to a machine that has been refined and engineered to be more accurate, reliable and user friendly.  Sure you might be able to use an older machine, but like with computers, would you want to go back to one that is 10 or 15 years old?  You could use it, but a new one is a lot more user friendly.

Another thing to think about is you will never know whether or not it has been abused.  A faceting machine is a precision piece of equipment.  Even if the person that owns says that they  only cut a few gemstones with it you will never know how it was stored and what care was taken to ensure that it didn't get damaged in storage.  Just think about it!  A new Ultra Tec V5 will come with a lifetime warranty!  How can you beat that?