BCG Layaway Plan


Rather than you having to pay a third party to handle the transaction we have decided to save you, the customer, the extra cost and handle the layaway transactions ourselves. 

The plan is simple!

To take advantage of our Best Cut Gems Layaway Plan just use the store's convenient contact form to tell us what item or items you would like to layaway and how long you would like the layaway for, up to twelve (12) months.  We will then send you a payment request through PayPal for 10% of the purchase price that is under $200.00, 20% if the purchase price is $201.00 to $1000.00 and 30% down payment for a layaway $1001.00 and up in price.  If you prefer you can pay by a personal check, please email me for address to send your check to and what item you will like to layaway.  We will then pull your items from inventory so that no one else can purchase them.  Then you will send us regular payments, either by a payment request through PayPal or personal check until the balance has been paid in full.  The choice is yours. 

We will email you an invoice with your balance after each payment.

Once your final payment has cleared we will then send you your order.

You can pay your Layaway off early with no added costs!  If paying by PayPal, just email us for a payment request any time that you would like to make a payment.  There is NO MINIMUM amount of time for your layaway.  A day, a week, a month, YOU DECIDE! 

In an event that there must be a cancellation of a layaway, a 10% restocking fee will apply! Any and all money due will be issued as a Merchandise credit.

PLEASE READ:  ANY LAYAWAY that is past one year of the initial day of placing said layaway will be deemed forfeited!  Layaway will be deemed null and voided after 1 (one) year.  I will not resume any layaway after one year! I will issue a merchandise credit for said amount that has been made either with customer's down payment or payment minus a 10% restocking fee of the merchandise full amount.  NO CASH REFUNDS issued! Only merchandise credit.

That is all there is to it!  Very simple!

No interest or other added fees!

Layaway Loose Gemstones, Layaway Jewelry, Layaway an Ultra Tec Faceting Machine!

The Best Cut Gems Layaway Plan is very simple and easy to use!