Yellow Tourmaline #G-2513

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Loose Genuine Natural Light Yellow Tourmaline Gemstone!

Very Very Light Yellow Tourmaline custom faceted in a round brilliant design. Just a mere touch of a yellow color in this natural Tourmaline, the only way I could tell it had some yellow is to put it next to a colorless gemstone. Ron custom faceted the gem into a calibrated round brilliant.

Will make a gorgeous ring or pendant stone.

Custom faceted by Ron.

Species / Variety: Tourmaline
Country: Africa
Color: Very light Yellow
Carat Weight: 1.26 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Faceted Round
Size: 7 MM Depth: 4.7 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment: None, 100% Natural!

Tourmalines are the most colorful gemstone group. They occur in all variations, green, red, blue, yellow, colorless and black. Some Tourmalines come in two or more colors at once. There is no other gemstone group whose diversity of color exceeds that of the Tourmalines.

Feel secure purchasing your gemstone from a GIA Graduate Gemologist.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review