White Akoya Pearl Strand #518

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Natural White Akoya Pearl Necklace!

I brought these beauties back with me from my trip to Japan. Then they were loose cultured pearls, but I had great plans for them as you see the finished result in the pictures. This strand of near round pearls I strung personally and it is gorgeous!!!! I picked these White Akoya Pearls out just for you!

Exotic, genuine Akoya pearls that exhibit an exceptional rich luster with shimmering iridescent orient. These pearls are natural and they do have very minor natural blemishes and characteristics that were caused as these pearls formed in the oyster.

This Akoya Pearl necklace is 28 inches in length including the solid 14K yellow gold safety clasp. These drop/semi baroque pearls measure 7.5 mm to 8.0 mm in diameter.

77 Genuine Akoya Pearls! I strung these beautiful pearls on double white silk thread, each pearl is individually hand knotted.

This exquisite necklace would definitely make the gift of a lifetime for a very special lady! It can be worn with anything at all, casual or formal.

Professionally hand knotted with double white silk thread and finished with a 14 karat yellow gold clasp.

Exotic and Elegant! That is how you will feel wearing these pearls!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review