Sunshine Polishing Cloth

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Sunshine Jewelry Polishing Cloth!

The Sunshine Cloth is a soft, easy and effective way to clean your dull jewelry to a brilliant shine!

The lemon yellow cloth has special, non-scratch, micro abrasives to clean your dull, tarnished jewelry with just a wipe! Just rub the surface to be polished for a quick shine. That's it! Even your gold jewelry will get its bright, luster back with just a wipe of this amazing cloth. Completly safe, the Sunshine Cloth is impregnated with special cleaning agents that will brighten up and shine your silver, plated silver, gold, gold plated, copper, brass, flatware and many other surfaces. Do not use on enameled pieces.

The polishing agent works until the cloth gets darkened on both side from removing the tarnish. I have not tossed mine yet and I clean lots of jewelry for myself and customers. I always do a quick wipe on my jewelry with the Sunshine Cloth before I wear it to make sure the jewelry I am wearing is clean, bright and shiney.

The Sunshine cloth comes in a handy plastic tube for easy storage. Sunshine Polishing Cloth is 7 1/2 inches Long X 5 inches Wide.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review