Stalactite Fordite #G-2259

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Genuine Fordite Cabochon!

Stalactite Fordite!  A solid Fordite cabochon, also known as Detroit Agate.  A solid rainbow of metallic car colors from days gone by.  Imagine the conversation piece you would have making this into a pendant, especially if you are a car enthusiast.

Fordite is not an agate at all, just a happy accident caused by layers of nostalgic car paint. Colors of Mustangs, Thunderbirds and Fairlanes from years gone by! This material was created many years ago at the Ford Rouge Plant just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Layer upon layer of paint over-spray that colored these automobiles of days gone by, produced a build up of layers upon layers, of metallic and solid colors on the metal racks. These racks transported the new car bodies through the paint shop and into the oven, where each coat of paint was baked hard. So many memories, not to mention the different Ford cars and colors of the different models and years are all a part of this wonderful array of eclectic paint remnants. The buildup of colorful layered paint was then polished into these brightly colored cabochons, kaleidoscopes of memorabilia.

Solid Fordite, there is NO resin.

This beautiful Fordite gem would look great in a necklace or even a unique bolo tie.  It will make a very beautiful and unique jewelry piece for men or women!

Cabochon: Fordite/Detroit Agate
Origin: Detroit, Michigan
Color: Metallic & Multiple Colors
Carat Wt: 11.50 Cts.
Shape/Cut: Stalactite Fordite
Size: 48 X 12 MM  Depth: 6 MM


(No reviews yet) Write a Review