Sponge Coral #IT-1706

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Loose Genuine Natural Sponge Coral Gemstone!

Sponge Coral Cabochon from Indonesia! Bold Earthy color formations throughout this beautiful natural cab.  This custom cabbed Sponge Coral has a polished back too. Excellent stone.

Sponge coral really has nothing to do with sponges at all. This coral has a sponge like appearance.

Gem corals are hard, underwater, organically produced tree-like structures attached to sea floors and we can make beautiful jewelry out of it.

This beautiful Sponge Coral gem would look great in a necklace or a ring or even a unique bolo tie.  It will make a very beautiful and unique jewelry piece for men or women!

Cabochon: Sponge Coral
Country: Indonesia
Color:  Cream and brown markings.
Shape/Cut: Custom Rectangle Cabochon
Carat  Weight:  23  cts.
Size: 33.3 X 23.5 MM Depth: 4.5 MM
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review