Schiller Sunstone #G-2096

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Loose Genuine Natural Cooper Schiller Sunstone Gem!

Copper Schiller Sunstone Cabochon from the famous DUST DEVIL MINE outside of Plush, Oregon. This copper colored Sunstone cab has bright metallic Copper platelets called Schiller. When the light hits it looks like a copper mirror. Gem has a much shiner copper flash then picture shows!  This gem is spectacular!!! Custom cabbed into an oval.

The Dust Devil Mine uses green mining practices and Fair Trade protocol.

Sunstone rates 6.5 to 7.2 on the Mohs hardness scale making it durable for jewelry just like garnet, amethyst and topaz.

Sunstone or can be also called Heliolite, is the State Gem of Oregon, a prime source for this beautiful gem. The name Heliolite has been derived from the Greek 'helios' and 'lithos,' which mean 'sun' and 'stone'.

Sunstone is formed in molten lava and is discharged onto the surface with the help of a volcano. The lava weathers away or is broken. Fine crystals of sunstone is then released. The Oregon sunstone is found with copper in it which is the cause for the range of colors in the stone from water color to yellow and many shades of green, red and pink.

Metaphysical Properties:

Of all the gems on earth, Sunstone truly reflects the qualities of solar light.  Sunstone is said to bestow openness, warmth, strength, benevolence, mental clarity and the willingness to give blessings to others.  This stone can kindle the fire of leadership when you carry or wear it.  Sunstone is a gem of personal power, freedom and broaden your consciousness.

This Copper Schiller Suntone is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species / Variety: Feldspar / Sunstone
Country: Oregon, USA
Color: Copper Peachy Pink with Copper Schiller
Carat Weight: 1.33 Carats
Shape / Cut: Oval
Size: 9 X 7 MM   Depth 3 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment: None, 100% Natural!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review