Sapphirine. #IT-1483

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Loose Genuine Rare Natural Sapphirine Gemstone!

Sapphirine. This rare gem was named because of its blue color similar to sapphire. A very collectable gemstone that is rarely found in crystals big enough to be faceted. 100% natural!  This gem does have a natural characteristics, little birthmarks that nature left, proof it is natural gemstone.

Faceted gems are extremely scarce to find and always have natural inclusions. Add this rare Sappirine to your gemstone collection!

Mohs hardness of 7.5. This gem has some twinkles (Inclusions.)

Great Collector Gemstone.

This Sapphirine is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species / Variety: Sapphirine
Country: Sri Lanka
Color: Blue
Carat Weight: .22 cts.
Shape/Cut: Round
Size: 3.6 MM  Depth: 2.4 MM
Clarity: Good
Treatment: None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review