Natural Bixbite - Red Beryl #IT-738

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Loose Natural Bixbite Red Beryl Gemstone!

Natural Red Beryl, Bixbite one of the Rarest Gemstones on Earth! This exotic Bixbite is a gem collectors dream! Vibrant Raspberry Red! This gem is not eye clean, but it still comes across as a spectacular little jewel. Typically genuine Bixbite is as included as its fellow beryl cousin emerald, few Bixbite crystals approach gem quality. This red beryl is custom faceted into a classic emerald cut.

Natural Bixbite is one of the world's rarest and most spectacular gemstones! Rare collector gem. Worth 1000 times more than Gold!

Discovered in the late 1970's and still found in gem quality at only one site in the world, the Wah-Wah Mountains of Utah, red beryl, or bixbite, is one of the world's rarest and most desirable gemstones. Typically as included as its fellow beryl, emerald, few crystals approach gem quality. Most specimens of fine crystals are zealously guarded by mineral collectors.

This gemstone has several different names: red beryl, red emerald, or bixbite. Originally, the gem was named bixbite, but now red beryl is the most accepted designation. Red beryl is estimated to be worth 1,000 times more than gold and is so rare that one red beryl crystal is found for every 150,000 diamonds.

In 1904, Maynard Bixby discovered red beryl in Utah. Bixby thought it might be a new variety of beryl, but the raspberry- red color did not correlate with any beryl known to exist at that time. W.F. Hillebrand, a geochemist from the National College in Washington, D.C., identified the mineral as a new type of beryl in 1905.

Rarer than a Diamond! Use your imagination, this Bixbite gem is just waiting to be set into a unique pendant or ring of your choice!

Species / Variety: Natural Red Beryl/Bixbite
Color: Vibrant Raspberry Red
Carat Weight: .18 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Emerald Cut
Size: 3.7 x 3.2 MM Depth 2.4 MM
Clarity: Type III - Has Natural Inclusions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review