Mali Garnet #IT-718

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Loose Rare Natural Mali Garnet Gemstone!

Rare Mali Garnet. The look of a greenish Yellow Diamond! This Mali looks more like a Demantoid. Expertly faceted into a oval for Loads of Sparkle! This gems does have some tiny veil inperfections.

The beautiful Mali Garnet is a newer discovery in the Garnet family. From Mali, Africa, these attractive Garnets are a rare mixture of Andradite and grossular and only came into the market in late 1994. Mali Garnet is a mixture of grossular and andradite garnet (sometimes called "Grandite"). The name Grandite did not catch on so the name Mali Garnet for the region it is mined was choosen for this new hybrid gem. The brilliant Mali Garnets are being mined in Mali, West Africa. This region is still the only known source for Mali Garnets.

Mali's relatives, Tsavorite and Hessonite, are two well known grossular garnets. Demantoid is the ulitmate star andradite garnet. The hybrid, Mali, being a composition of grossular and andradite, seems to favor Demantoid in terms of refractive index (1.77 i hardness (7) and clarity. Mali Garnets also have the superb dispersion of the Demantoid. In terms of rarity, Mali Garnets are much rarer than Tsavorite Garnets.

Colors range from yellow to yellowish green to yellowish brown to brown. Faceted gems are remarkable for their brilliance, luster and most evident their dispersion. As with all garnets, they are suitable for all jewelry uses.

This awesome Mali Garnet is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant!

Species/Variety: Garnet/Mali
Country: Africa
Color: Strong greenish Yellow
Carat Wt: 1.18 Cts.
Shape/Cut: Oval
Size: 6.7 X 5.7 Depth 3.6 MM
Clarity:  Good
Treatment : None


(No reviews yet) Write a Review