Malachite #C-1913

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Loose Natural Malachite Gemstone!

Lush green Malachite from Africa! This cabochon has been custom cabbed and polished. Back is polished too.  This Malachite has a tiny natural crystal vug in the center of the circles.  Malachite is a popular stone which has light and dark green banded areas. White spots are reflections from the lights not in cab.  Green goes with everything you wear!

Egyptians began mining Malachite as early as 4000 BC. Malachite was worn to protect against black magic and sorcery, so the ancient Greeks made amulets for children. Malachite is generally found in the weathered zones of nearly all copper deposits. Many copper prospectors seek Malachite, which indicates a good mining opportunity for copper.

This beautiful Malachite gem would look great in a necklace or a ring or even a unique bolo tie.  It will make a very beautiful and unique jewelry piece for men or women!

Cabochon: Malachite
Country: Africa
Color: Emerald Green with light green bands
Shape/Cut:  Cabochon
Weight: 11.8 cts.
Size: 18 X 13.6 MM Depth 4.1 MM
Treatment: None, 100% Natural


(No reviews yet) Write a Review