Libyan Desert Glass Skull Carving #G-2412

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Loose Genuine Natural Libyan Desert Glass Gemstone!

52 carats of Genuine Natural Libyan Desert Glass that has been hand carved into a skull!  Design a one of a kind piece of jewelry with this unique Skull carved from genuine Libyan Desert Glass. Tektite.  Will include a Libyan Desert Glass Certificate of Authenticity.

Libyan Glass is a form of tektite, a word which comes from the Greek word tektos, that means molten.  Libyan Desert Glass is natural glass which was created naturally from a meteorite impact. It is found only Libyan Desert - the Western Desert of west Egypt, widely scattered along the Libyan-Egyptian border (the Great Erg). The transparent to translucent pieces are clear-to-opaque white or yellow to green in color, these gems glitter in the bright desert sun.

Libyan Glass was formed as a result of a natural meteor impact that happened in the distant past, as a result of a comet impact.  Hurdling like a fireball, a huge meteor came down, crashing somewhere in the Libyan desert, in North Africa.  This meteor generated a tremendous amount of nuclear heat on impact, at least 1600 degrees Celsius.  This tremendous heat melted the gentle sand and up splashed in the air like a fountain of molten lava, liquid glass.  The liquid glass rained down across an area of more than 4000 square kilometers wide.  The hot liquid glass slowly cooled down and formed the precious Libyan Glass.

The ancient Egyptians used Libyan Glass in Tutankhamen's scarab pendant and called it "the Rock of God." Libyan Glass was even known to prehistoric women who used Libyan Glass for Paleolithic tools. They made it into sharp blades, these blades date back to about 10,000 years ago.

The yellowish Green scarab, the heart of Tutankhamen’s pendant is made of Libyan glass. This gem was reported to be older than the earliest Egyptian civilization and also was connected with alien theories.

Libyan Glass used metaphysically is for good luck, learning, drawing money, and increasing business profits. Libyan Desert Glass is also said to prevent absorbing negative energy while doing energy work or healing.

Comes in a nice gift box.

Species / Variety: Tektite/Libyan Desert Glass
Country: Libyan Desert, Egypt
Color: champagne
Carat Weight:  52 Cts
Shape / Cut: 22 X 18 MM 
Treatment:  100% Natural.  No treatments.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review