Kyanite with Lapis & Apatite Beads Necklace #KY-2016

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Unique Custom Made Genuine Kyanite Necklace!

Genuine Kyanite! A gorgeous piece of Kyanite that has been coated with Titanium and makes it full of bright blue and emerald green colors.  You can wear this necklace with either side showing, as they both are different.  See pictures. The Kyanite is highlighted with beautiful Blue Lapis 4 MM smooth round beads and 3 MM Green faceted Apatite beads.  A .925 sterling silver hook closer and an extension so you can wear this necklace from 18 to 20 inches long.  I handpicked this beautiful and very rare necklace out myself, there is only one of these!

Kyanite's name derives from the Greek Word "kyanos" which means Blue.  It is said that Kyanite is the quiet stone, that it quiets your mind from frustrations and anger.

Kyanite can bring tranquility and calming to the whole being.  It stimulates communication and psychic awareness.  This is an excellent tool to help one facilitate meditation by helping to clear your thought process and by balancing the chakras.  It can also be a helpful tool to help one access the astral plane by opening a connection to ones spiritual guides and to help one in the process of dream recall and achieving solutions during the dream state. 

Designer Kyanite Pendant measures 3 1/4 inch X 1 1/2 inch. 

Your beautiful Kyanite necklace will arrive in a nice gift box

Metallic Vapor Coating:

Vapor deposition Titanium is one of the most common used metals for coating Kyanite.  The vapor deposited coating is very thin and very small amount of the metal is used.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review