Kasumi Pearl Bohemian Necklace #20

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Natural Kasumi Pearl Necklace!

Bohemian Rhapsody Necklace! An Iridescent Natural Bronze Kasumi Pearl from China is one dangle on this beautiful necklace. The pearl is Natural Color!  Baroque shape Pearl has been drilled straight through and mounted so it has free movement, you can get a different look as your Pearl rotates.  (Please excuse the dark spot in center of Pearl, it is the reflection of the camera, Pearl has no darkness in it.)  An antique brass secret key, a leaf from a beautiful summer garden and a filigree bead topped with a rich antique brass magnolia bead cap. These form the swinging dangle charms on this vintage and organic themed pendant. This is a no clasp necklace.  Simply slips over your head.  The two ends are closed with a simple knot, just undo and you can adjust your necklace from 14 up to 26 inches. These Fairy Ribbons are all hand made and have a very lavish look.

What is really neat about this necklace is you can switch the fairy ribbon for a chain or a neck cord  or wire you all ready have for a different look!

Pendant measures 4 inches long x 1 1/4 inch wide.

What is Fairy Ribbon:

The Fairy Ribbon has an over-locked edge it is hand dyed, and is approximately 36 inches in length, 1/2 inch wide.  It is a scrunchy type of ribbon, it does not lay completely flat.  Each ribbon is a blending of vivid colors to cordinate with your outfit.  The dye that is used is ecologically responsible, non-toxic and safe. The ribbons are pre-washed and do not fade.

About Kasumi Pearls from China:

These beautifully iridescent pearls are cultivated, bead nucleated just like the famous Kasumi Pearls of Japan.  These Kasumi style Pearls have been freshwater cultivated in China and they are so much more affordable.  The Pearl is Natural color and has beautiful luster and thick nacre. Wildly bumpy surface!  Natural blemishes are sometimes found these are the beauty marks and identity of every Pearl. This gorgeous pearl necklace is a one of a kind because no two Kasumi pearls are alike!  Not another like it.  Fun to wear. 

Pearl Species: Freshwater, bead nucleated, Kasumi Pearl
Pearl Origin: China
Color:  Multi-Colored, Purple, lavender, mauve, pink with beautiful golden iridescent, metallic hue
Shape:  Baroque
Pearl Measures: 15 MM X 12.8 MM
Surface: Wildly Bumpy, uneven (not a defect, but the beauty of this Pearl!)
Nacre: very Thick

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review