"J" Initial Yellow Scapolite Ring #GRI-1853

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DesignedbyLin Unique Handmade Ring!

Want something different in jewelry?  You will not find these initial rings or initial gemstones anywhere but here! Watch the video to get the full beauty of this personalized ring.  This gorgeous gem is set into a ring that is .925 Sterling Silver.  A personalized gemstone with your Initial faceted into the top (crown.)   Ron can facet any letter of the alphabet for you. 

The way Ron cut the facets to make the Initial "J", he frosted the facets to make them stand out, like a frosted/etched glass. This monogram gemstone would certainly turn heads and get a few "Wow that is really Neat!"  Talk about personalized!  You can either have your first name or your last name initial or get both!  100% Natural Yellow Scapolite. Custom faceted by Ron.  Ring is a size 7.

At first glance this gem looks like a fancy colored champagne diamond!  Dark spots in the picture are not in the gemstone, just reflections of the camera lens. This gemstone is lighter than showing in picture, it is a light champagne color.  Custom faceted by Ron. 

Email Ron at  Ron@bestcutgems.com  If you want him to facet a special Intial and also choose what gemstone to facet for you

Scapolite is a fascinating gem that is starting to get some notice in upscale jewelry stores. 

Ring is a size 7.

Species / Variety: Scapolite
Country: Brazil
Color: light champagne Yellow
Carat Weight: 1.33 Cts
Shape / Cut: Custom Faceted "J" Inital Round
Size: 8 MM   Depth: 4.7 MM
Clarity: Very Very Good
Treatment:  None, 100% Natural


(No reviews yet) Write a Review