Golden Pearl & Diamond Earrings

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Natural Golden Pearl and Diamond Gold Earrings!

100% Natural Golden Color!  Another creation by Francesco Lops! This famous Italian designer out does himself with this mesmerizing Golden Pearl Earrings! Lovely "Genuine Deep Golden Philippine South Sea Cultured Pearls", set in solid 18KT yellow Gold and Diamond earrings. Deep Gold Pearls are the most sought after and very rare. These are an impressive 12mm size! Treat yourself to these earrings, a once in a lifetime opportunity to own Golden Pearls! These golden beauties are NATURAL COLOR!!!!

Each matched round pearl exhibits a wonderful rich luster with shimmering eye popping iridescence that sets them apart from other pearls, I hand picked these beauties from all the pairs of earrings that were shown to me, (100+) so you will own the best!!!! These are SUPERB!!!

The earring backs are disc like to keep your earrings stationary and secure.

See Matching Necklace # JGP-85900

Francesco Lops -

Italian born jewelry designer, Francesco Lops met and fell in love with the Philippine South Sea Golden Pearls while traveling in Asia. Francesco loved the Philippine tropics so well that he has been residing there since 2001. He became so enthralled by the extraordinary beauty of the Philippine Golden Pearls that he decided to stay and design fabulous creations with these jewels from the sea.

In 2006, Francesco Lops designed some of his best pieces featuring the Philippine South Sea Golden Pearls in a fashion show held in Hong Kong. His breathtaking designs of the Philippine Golden Pearl Jewelry garnered International attention. World renowned magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and Style feature his designs.

Francesco Lops Designs produce everyday objects: to wear, to flaunt, to admire, and most of all, to desire. I sure fell in love with them, while I was in the Philippines; I was shown a multitude of finished jewelry pieces from many famous world renowned designers, Francesco Lops jewelry designs stood out above the rest! This man’s compassion and love for the Golden Pearl is reflected in his artistic designs.

I am glad to share these Philippine South Sea Golden Pearl masterpieces with you. - Linda

This exquisite Deep Gold Pearl and Diamond Earrings will surely light up any room with grace and to tempt those around you to stare.

These are impressive Genuine South Sea Pearls, Natural Deep Gold color, their surface or skin purity is flawless. These pearls possess a deep thick nacre and superb glowing mirror like luster. This light golden color is the most sought after! These Deep Gold Pearls were formed inside the gold-lipped oyster, Pinctada Maxima. It is found in the exotic southern Pacific salt waters in the Philippines.

Pearl Size: 11.89 mm & 12.10 mm.
Shape: Round
Skin Purity/Surface : A - Perfect
Luster: A - Excellent
Nacre: A - Excellent
Diamonds .192 cts. VVS Clarity - G Color
Gold: Solid 18KT-YG (STAMPED)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review