Diamond in the Rough Ring #RI-205

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Unique Custom Made Diamond Ring!

Want an engagement ring like no one else has?  Take a look at this unique custom made beauty! A one of a kind, Diamond in the rough, 14KT White Gold Palladium Diamond Ring!   You will not find anything like this ring in the jewelry stores. I custom made this ring just for this particular pear shape, natural Diamond with natural facets. I  highlighted the Diamond, adding a 14KT yellow gold raised accent to the band of the ring.  The two tone color is very versatile and you can wear either silver or gold accessories with it.

This is a very unique, one of a kind, 14KT andPalladium Diamond Ring!  With this blending of rich white metals, their is no need to ever have this ring rhodium plated to achieve the white Platinum color as with a regular14KT white gold ring and there is only one like it!

This is an heirloom quality ring that you can pass down to your daughter or granddaughter. Diamond is VS in Clarity and  H  in color (colorless!) this Diamond is straight from the mine and untouched. An uncut Diamond crystal that is just the way nature created in the earth over the millions of years. 

There is only one like this ring. This is a heirloom quality ring that you can pass down to your daughter or granddaughter.

The ring being Palladium is a highly polished, white metal. The dark spots in the pictures are reflections that it picked up taking the photos.

A perfect engagement ring for the bride that wants something different, that no one else will have. Not like the thousands of diamond rings that are mass produced, almost like wearing the same dress to the same party.

This Rough Diamond's natural crystal Shape: Macle a natural faceted Pear shape!

Amazing VS Clarity Rough Diamond!  This is a Dream Diamond!  High Quality Uncut Diamond, Weight: 0.68 Carats, VS Clarity and H Color, which makes this a super RARE Diamond!

This Diamond is100% Natural, Genuine, Mined and has never been treated or enhanced by any manner.

Diamonds were formed billions of years ago, when our planet earth was forming its first continents.

Ring is a size 7 and can easily be sized by your local jeweler. Will arrive in a Blue Velvet Ring Box.

Clarity: VS
Color:  H  colorless
Carat:Weight: 0.68 Carat  Dimensions: 6.5 X 4.2 MM
Shape: Natural Diamond Crystal  Macle- Pear shape with natural facets

What is Palladium?

Palladium is in the Platinum family much rarer than gold.  Palladium, is a naturally white precious metal that does not ever need to be rhodium plated.  It will stay white forever.

White gold rings have a certain amount of nickel in them. (that is why you get the itches) Palladium rings have no nickel in them and are the perfect choice for those with sensitivity to nickel. They are hypoallergenic. Yes, Palladium is hypoallergenic!  White gold rings on not hypoallergenic. White gold rings come in several purities, 10K is 41% pure gold, 14K is 58% pure gold and 18K is 75% pure gold. Palladium rings are 95% pure. Palladium rings are much more precious than white gold rings.

Palladium rings and wedding bands are incredibly durable because Palladium is harder than white gold. There are no alloys in a Palladium ring that can tarnish. Palladium rings are virtually tarnish proof.

Palladium rings will have better shine and luster and than a white gold ring. Palladium metal holds up to friction better than white gold, a Palladium prong will last longer than a white gold prong.

Amazing and Sparkling! Diamond is also April's Birthstone.

Diamond is the most highly prized gemstone in the world because of its many desirable qualities. On the Mohs hardness scale (a mineral quality used to identify and distinguish minerals) of 1 to 10 it is the only known substance to rate a perfect 10. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth because of the unique arrangement of atoms within the mineral. The atoms are packed closer together than any other substance. Diamond also has the highest melting point of any substance, 3820° Kelvin. Diamond also is an excellent heat conductor and it is transparent over the widest range of wavelengths. The qualities of a diamond that make it so highly valuable and rare are its broad color range (there are more than just white or clear ones), high refraction, high dispersion of very low reactivity to chemicals.


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