Conch Pearl #G-2502

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Loose Rare Natural Conch Pearl!

Conch Pearl is one of the world's most rare and unique gems.  This beautiful light pinkish Orange Conch Pearl was produced naturally by the Queen Conch mollusk. The highest quality examples Of Conch Pearls are characterized by a distinctive 'flame structure' that gives the appearance of a fire burning on the surface. This Pearl has the distinct flame structure markings on its sides, see picture. There is no method for culturing the Conch Pearl. Each Pearl is unique because of this.

This Conch Pearl will come with a IGI Appraisal Report #7172655A

Conch Pearls(pronounced CONK) are among the rarest and the most valuable of all natural pearls. Approximately 10,000 conchs must be harvested before a single Conch Pearl is found.

This Pearl is undrilled.

Species/Variety - Conch Pearl
Country - Bahamas
Color - Pinkish Orange
Carat Wt - .98 ct.
Shape/Cut - Oval
Size - 6.43 X 5.64 MM  Depth: 4.70 MM
Clarity - Opaque
Treatment -  100% Natural!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review