Color Change Alexinite #IT-1358

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Loose Rare Natural Color Change Alexinite Gemstone!

A Rare and collectible 20.9 Carat Color Change Gemstone! I call this unique gem "Alexinite"  I was just blown away by the colors this gemstone shows and I immediatly scooped up the two gems that were available!  The other gem is #IT-1359.  

This is a material that is no longer being made, there is no more. This unique gemstone is a simulant of the color change Alexandrite and has the same phenomenon called color change.  This is a type of glass that was created in a lab environment and I was lucky to find two of these gemstones that have been custom faceted out of this fabulous material.  

In daylight this gem shows a vibrant Green that changes to an electrifying Pink color in different lighting conditions. At times, you can even see both colors showing in the gem!  The color change is amazing!  This color change can even happen at different times of the day!

Want something that nobody has or how about a great conversation piece? Be the envy of your friends with a unique piece of jewelry such as a ring or a pendant featuring this very rare color change gemstone!

Species/Variety: Simulant Glass Material
Color:  vibrant Green/electrifying Pink 
Carat Wt.:  20.9 cts.
Shape/Cut:  Custom Faceted "Fancy Trilliant Cut"
Size:  19.8 X 19 MM   Depth: 13.2 MM
Clarity: -Very Good - Eye Clean


(No reviews yet) Write a Review