Benitoite #IT-1267

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Loose Rare Natural Benitoite Gemstone!

Brilliant Blue Benitoite!  What a fascinating, rare gemstone to add to your collection. Discovered in San Benito, California this exquisite gem is the state stone for California. Faceted in a round brilliant design that just brings out those sparkles.

There is a natural characteristic (inclusion) in this gemstone.

The very rare and beautiful Benitoite comes from just one location in the world, the Diablo Mountain Range of San Benito, California.  In 1985, California named Benitoite its state gemstone.

Benitoites blue color is often compared to the color of the finest Sapphire.  Benitoite can also be found in a very rare clear (colorless) and pink colors.  This gem has strong blue and colorless pleochroism and it has the same dispersion as a Diamond.  Benitoite is never treated.  It is extremely rare to find a Benitoite that reaches 1 carat in size.

Benitoite is 6.5 on the MOHS scale for hardness, making this gem suitable for jewelry.  This awesome Benitoite is a perfect gem for a unique jewelry piece such as a ring or a pendant! 

Metaphysical properties can enhance contact with extra terrestrial beings.  Benitoite enables thoughts between two people.  When you wear Benitoite the gem will bring you happiness and enhances your movement. 

Benitoite as a healing stone is said to release the cause of the disease.  Benitoite is also said to help with disorders of the blood, excessive bleeding and strengthens the walls of veins.

Benitoite is comparable to diamond, with the same fire inside the gem. Often mistaken as a Blue Diamond!  These gems are getting harder to find.

Species / Variety: Benitoite
Country: San Benito, California
Color: Lighter Cobalt Blue
Carat Weight: .19 Cts
Shape / Cut: Round Brilliant
Size: 3.3 MM  Depth: 2.2 MM
Clarity: Good
Treatment: None 100% Natural





(No reviews yet) Write a Review