Benitoite Diamond Ring #RI-575

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Rare Benitoite and Diamand Ring!

Very rare, very sought after, & very collectable Benitoite that I custom set into a 14KT Yellow Gold bezel setting. This ring setting shows off the amazing blue color of this rare faceted Benitoite. Highlighted on each side with .10 ct of Diamonds.

Ring size 7

Benitoite is a very, very scarce and high demand gemstone. One of my personal favorites because of their diamond-like dispersion. (sparkle) Benitoites are often mistaken for Blue Diamonds!

Benitoite (pronounced "ben-ee-toe-ite") is named after San Benito County, California where it was discovered in 1907. The locality is at the very southern tip of San Benito County. On October 1, 1985 they formally designated benitoite as the official gemstone of California. Benitoite of gem quality is found only in California.

Benitoite is a prized gemstone of extreme rarity. It is in very high demand for both gemstones and as specimens and its popularity is continuing to expand. People all over the world are discovering the vast array of rare and valuable colored gemstones and how exciting and exotic they can be. Gem benitoite is more rare than other well-known gemstones such as diamond, ruby, emerald and even tanzanite by orders of magnitude! It is a true rarity among gemstone collectors and the availability of quality stones will likely never be high as the original deposit is in the waning years of its viability.

Benitoite is very strongly dichroic such that when shifted in the proper orientation it looks either colorless, blue, or rich violet-blue in color. Benitoite has a high birefringence - higher than that of diamond. Benitoites come alive with fire from refracted light.

Species / Variety: Benitoite
Country: San Benito, California
Color: light Blue
Carat Weight: .22 carats
Shape / Cut: Round Brilliant
Size: 3.8 MM
Clarity: Very Good - Eye Clean
Treatment: No treatments. 100% Natural!

Want something that nobody has or how about a great conversation piece? Be the envy of your friends with this unique piece of designer jewelry featuring Benitoite, this very rare, collectible, gemstone!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review